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Online & Offline Call Tracking Software

Do you currently have a long list of calls that come from your ‘website’? Do you ever wonder what investment caused those calls? We know that this is a common issue amongst dealerships and this is the exact reason we have solved it.

ROI Focused

Review the online or offline analytics and conversions to fully understand the successes of each campaign. This allows you to completely tailor your marketing strategies based on real results. Being able to track successes back to campaigns will help you make important decisions like expanding or shutting down a campaign, or optimizing for better performance.

Calls By Source

With ROI Reporting you will now know which calls came from Direct, Organic (SEO), Paid Search, 3rd Party Listing Sites (Autotrader, Cars.com), Social Media etc… Each dealerships marketing mix is different. We will customize this solution for each client.

Dynamic Numbers

It can be a pain to set up unique numbers for every campaign. Using ROI Reporting’s Dynamic Number Insertion on your website will allow you to easily display the correct tracking phone number depending on how the visitor arrives on your website.

How Do Dynamic Numbers Work?

ROI Reporting quickly integrates call tracking into your website by using a unique phone number for each source, such as Google AdWords, Bing Organic, Autotrader, Facebook, or direct traffic that comes from your offline campaigns. The correct tracking number will be displayed everywhere a phone number appears when a user reaches your website via one of those sources and will be fed into your analytics for further review.

From there, the user will see the same dynamic number each time they visit your website. This ensures there is no confusion if a user is visiting from a different source than they did the first time they came to your site, meaning your brand will stay consistent through every source.

Call Transparency

Are my paid search leads resulting in sales? Is my receptionist answering each call? Does my sales staff close the majority of leads?

These are all common dealership questions. Our CallScore technology allows you to quickly qualify each call, report on all missed calls, discover opportunities for your sales staff and most importantly assess the quality of your marketing campaigns so you know where to invest your time and money.

Agnostic Digital Reporting

Whether you utilize T3 Automotive or not, we still want to see/help you succeed. We developed the ROI Reporting strategy to allow our dealers to have better insight into their current marketing vendors.

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