The Ford Bronco off-roader is on its way back into production. The chairman of the union local charged to build the Bronco said the hotly anticipated return will be implemented at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan assembly plant.

The Bronco was first released in 1966 as a compact 4×4 jeep. In 1978, it evolved into the Boulevard Cruiser involved in O.J. Simpson’s highway pursuit with law enforcement. Currently, Ford is expected to produce a machine with a similar concept to its predecessors. The new look Bronco can be compared to a rock star who lost weight and turned around his life, and has now embarked on a tour to showcase his new songs.

1978 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco’s timing has however attracted controversy, as a result of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s bashing of Ford’s intention to shift production of the Focus compact model from Michigan to Mexico. However, Ford executives came out strongly to defend the company, explaining that the move was meant to pave the way for a more lucrative model to be produced at the Michigan Assembly Plant. Speculation is high that the more lucrative model the executives were referring to is the Ford Bronco.

All along, information regarding the Ford Bronco has been very scanty, sometimes being dismissed as mere rumors. However, the statements by the UAW chairman confirmed the rumor, a clear indication of the Bronco’s existence. Ford also announced plans to introduce four new sports utility vehicle models. Word has been that the Ford Bronco is one of the four SUVs, and the chairman confirmed this while he intimated that the Ranger and the Bronco would be produced from the Michigan plant. He dispelled fears of job losses by assuring the public that the two models would indeed secure the employees’ jobs.

Exciting renders of the Ford Bronco from Bronco6G are already making the rounds on the internet. Only time will tell whether the actual vehicle will match up to the expectations promised by the renders.

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