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  • Customer loyalty and retention

    By communicating with your clients on a monthly basis, your dealership will be top of mind.

  • Organic traffic (SEO)

    All of this content is 100% unique and written for your dealership only. We will make sure you OWN this content and it is properly placed on your site.

  • Influence positive reviews

    By spotlighting two positive reviews in each newsletter, clients are influenced to leave positive feedback next time they purchase or service their vehicle.

  • Open communication with your DMS

    “Everytime you contact me, you try to sell me” – Your Client
    Now you have the opportunity to “inform” the client once a month which lowers their guard for the next time you wish to service their vehicle or upgrade their old one.

  • Gain trust

    The typical dealership email is filled with sales content. By providing useful information, you have instantly set yourself apart from your competition and the client looks forward to hearing from you every month.

Dodge Newsletter

100% Unique Content

No two dealerships will have the same content on their website or newsletter with our program. We place our content directly on your site and therefore this unique content will also work towards improving your SEO.

Mobile Focused

Lots of people call their emails ‘mobile responsive’. We take “responsive” to the next level. According to, 66% of emails are viewed on mobile devices. This is why we build our emails for mobile first and then allow them to be ‘desktop responsive’.

  • 1st Gear
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • 2 Pages of Unique Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Facebook / Instagram Advertising
  • $1,995
  • 1st Gear
  • Social Media Posts
  • Facebook / Instagram Advertising
  • $1,995
  • 2nd Gear
  • Facebook / Instagram Advertising
  • $2,495
  • Overdrive
  • $2,995

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