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Match Your Inventory With Buyers

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How Does It Work?

T3 Marketing’s inventory display advertising technology helps automotive dealerships sell more cars by driving targeted, local, qualified car buyers directly to their Vehicle Detail Pages.

Identifies active car shoppers based on their online research and browsing habits.

Creates a unique profile of each car shopper based on the vehicles they view.

Matches the most-relevant cars from your inventory to the car shopper’s preferences.

Drives the car shopper directly to your dealership’s Vehicle Detail Pages to convert.

Advertise Your Cars To Qualified Buyers

Get your live inventory in front of more qualified car buyers. T3 Retargeting consistently delivers more than 320 million high-quality advertisements per month.

Drive More Car Buyers To Your VDPs

Every quarter we drive millions of qualified car buyers to Vehicle Detail Pages. In fact, T3 Retargeting generates more VDP traffic per dollar than Google, Yahoo, Facebook and many other advertising channels.

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